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What is the cloud ?

Cloud computing is a method that uses remote servers in physical databases to store, manage, program and process data.  Programmatic access can be granted to these remote servers from anywhere in the world as long as a user has the proper credentials.  Computing resources offered through these data centers allow for the building of virtual networks. These virtual networks are called cloud networks.  Barney Style Solutions utilizes smart cloud computing resources to build innovative cloud solutions. We will build a cloud network specifically suited to your business needs.


Why Cloud Compute?

Stop paying for business expenses you don’t need. Most traditional computing expenses are spent on guessing what your business will need. Because the cloud is scalable, you only pay for what you use. The security offered by Amazon also extends to protecting your data. The numerous Amazon data centers world wide make it possible to host your data in centers closer to your clients. Scalable, safe, and fast.

Front-end web design

Barney Style Solutions will design your business digital presence. Don’t know the first thing about launching a website? No problem because Barney Style Solutions is your one stop shop on designing, building, and launching your secure website. Click the link below to view a portfolio of previous websites.

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Back End architecture

There are dynamic functions of a workload that involve moving and analyzing data, securing internal virtual environments through federated active directories, and processing business transactions in a low-latent manner. These operations are typically processed away from the traditional business client. Because cloud network business functions operate in environments that face away from typical clients, the workload falls into a category known as the “back-end.” Back-end operations make or break business. Barney Style Solutions consults with businesses to create a well-architected framework that lays down a successful blueprint for businesses to operate in the cloud.

Back-end services are configured in AWS for proper monitoring, logging, and scaling. Businesses can rest assured knowing that they have the best practices in place to service their clients, and grow their business at scale. Smart configuration of back-end workloads saves businesses up to 90% of computing cost.


Full Stack Workloads

Combine the front and back-end services of cloud computing to build “full-stack” workloads. Cloud computing is flexible and agile. Every industry from government manufacturing to educational research can benefit from a complete cloud network. whether you need more compute power to process and analyze online transactions, or if you need to use machine learning to analyze bio-informatics from commercial health monitoring equipment, Barney Style Solutions will build the full-stack environment to facilitate your mission accomplishment.  

Barney Style Solutions builds according to AWS Well-architected framework. Now is the time for you to take the best step toward business growth through Barney Style Solutions cloud computing. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation below.

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