Be (Back-end)

There are dynamic functions of a workload that involve moving and analyzing data, securing internal virtual environments through federated active directories, and processing business transactions in a low-latent manner. These operations are typically processed away from the traditional business client. Because cloud network business functions operate in environments that face away from typical clients, the workload falls into a category known as the “back-end.” Back-end operations make or break business. Barney Style Solutions consults with businesses to create a well-architected framework that lays down a successful blueprint for businesses to operate in the cloud.

Back-end services are configured in AWS for proper monitoring, logging, and scaling. Businesses can rest assured knowing that they have the best practices in place to service their clients, and grow their business at scale. Smart configuration of back-end workloads saves businesses up to 90% of computing cost.

Be Features

Virtual Private Cloud

    • Configured Cloud Network
    • Subnetting
    • Peering and integration with existing workloads
    • AWS Well-Architected blueprint/review

Database Migration

    • Move up to petabytes of data
    • Integrate cloud databases into your on-premises environment
    • Analyze large sets of data for business growth

IPSec Smart Routing/ Identity & Access Management

    • Smart Network Access Control Lists
    • Security Groups (virtual firewalls)
    • Identity and Access Management
      • users, roles, and groups
      • Encrypted certificates
      • Managed Key Services

Network Monitoring/Logging

    • Alerts
    • Automated responses
    • Workload Health Checks

Machine Learning

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Predictive Analytics


Single analytical view of the different run environments in your workload

Digital Compliance

    • Maintain government regulated compliance for your industry.
    • Keep logs that track all important federal mandated traffic.

Legacy Migration

    • Move entirely to the cloud


    • Integrate cloud solutions into current networking solutions
    • Rack servers that integrate into the cloud

Fault Tolerant

    • Auto-scaling
    • Routing Policies
      • Geolocation
      • Geo-proximity
      • Weighted
      • Failover
      • Simple

Storage Management

    • Cheap Storage Solutions
      • Object, block, and file
      • Redundant, durable, and available storage
      • Data Archival
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